RDW's poems

Winter Solstice / Winter Solace

Our planet turns around.  In consequence
each spot on earth receives the same amount
of sun: six months.  Location makes no difference
except for how that six months is shared out.

Pity for once the equatorials:
their endlessly exact twelve-hour days.
We live in hope.  Our Winter darkness goes
straight in the daylight savings bank, and pays

for our Midsummer eighteen hours of sun.
So in my own dark hour, I invest.
Present privations are not joys just gone,
but on deposit: my next year’s behest.

As Winter darkness buys Midsummer’s Day
I suffer loss, that I may make it pay.                                                03.12.03

Winter Solace

There is an economy of daylight
Winter’s darkness buys Midsummer’s Day
Each sunless hour banked in daylight savings
Each summer daylight hour is our pay

There is an equality of daylight
Each spot on Earth is a Persephone
Six months in daytime and six months of night
Annually distributed – unequally

There is an emollient in daylight
In my own darkest hours, I invest
My losses are sustained; my joys not gone
but on deposit:  next year’s interest !

In Winter a cycle of investment can begin
The days draw out and we start cashing in                                   14.02.2014


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